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Our company

is excited to share the knowledge and experience it has acquired over many years in the industry of marble and marble machines with you, as our valuable customers. Since the day it was established, our company has adopted it as principle to earn customer satisfaction by providing high quality and reliable services.

Our scope of business encompass not only the provision of all kinds of marble machines, spare parts, cranes, water treatment systems, but also of blocks, plates, sized marbles and equipments and all kinds of export materials. Our post-sales services cover both home and abroad.

Our company has become recognized especially in the marble industry in a short time by attributing great importance to quality and perseverance to overcome the difficulties since the first moment it was established, and has never waived such principles of honesty. High quality and service, as well as timely delivery and suitable price have always been the unchanged principles of our company. It will continue to provide service to you today and in the future.

A marble machines company Tuto Mermer, working in line with the principles of "the guarantee for success and perpetuity in production is honesty and quality in service", would like to thank you for your close interest and support to it.